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October 31, 2022
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Hot From The Press #6

Hot From The Press #6

Hot from the press: Sigle 1.5

Sigle x Xverse

Ever been frustrated not being able to check out new Sigle posts, or write your own, during long metro rides or in waiting rooms? Ever felt like there was nothing left to do but stare at the chipped off paint? Alright, this may be a little dramatic. But being deprived of your favourite content on mobile simply won’t do.

As we grow and improve Sigle, we want to allow our users to write on the go and read on the bus, and we are excited to announce that Sigle is now featured on the Xverse app, in the app section!

Xverse is a mobile Stacks compatible wallet that allows you to manage your accounts and access apps through their built-in web browser. Users can also lock their Stacks in the Xverse non-custodial Stacking pool and earn native Bitcoin with zero fees.

Editor improvements

This release includes many bug fixes in the editor. And as we strive to give you the best writing experience possible, we’ve also implemented plenty of improvements which we hope you’ll enjoy!

We’ve made some writing blocks context-aware, to help you write faster and execute quick actions. Also, not only can you now drag and drop images directly into the editor, you can embed tweets in your articles with Twitter blocks!

Changelog Sigle 1.5

  • Added Twitter embeds to the editor.

  • The editor now works on mobile.

  • Added drag-and-drop support to the editor.

  • Improved drag-and-drop experience for the cover image.

  • Many changes to the interface to make the website responsive on mobile.

  • Fixed an issue causing articles not to be correctly indexed by crawlers.

  • Many small bug fixes across the app.

See the full list of changes here.

The Explorer Guild Birthday

This may be hard to believe, but the Explorer Guild is celebrating their first birthday! To mark the occasion, we’ve put together our very first Pen Run Contest, don’t forget to join for a chance to win our very first 1/1 NFT!

We also want to thank all of our holders and community for supporting us and allowing us to build Sigle for over a year. We’re excited for what’s ahead of us, and can’t wait to continue the adventure with you by our sides. In the meantime, why not take a walk down memory lane in the Explorer Guild Museum?

Explorers keep exploring

The Explorer Guild is placed as the 12th most traded project on STX, with over 177k STX of volume. We’re also very excited to see our floor price go back up, almost reaching 100 STX.

What’s next

As we strive to make our user experience as seamless as possible, it’s important to us that old and new users understand where they’re going when they reach the platform. The next release will focus on improving the onboarding experience even more.

Newsletter features will also be top of mind over the next few months. We want to allow our writers to create direct communication channels with their audiences, to help them grow and expand their communities.

The Sigle team 📝

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